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All of our phones are thoroughly tested and will arrive fully working. Combining manual testing with the latest computer software ensures you will receive the highest quality device. 


Like New

Pristine overall condition with
virtually no signs of use. Any imperfections will be practically
unnoticeable to the naked eye.


Very good overall condition, with light signs of wear. Typically will have some very minor marks or discolouration on the housing, but no deep scratches or dents.

Very Good

Good overall condition, with heavier signs of use than Excellent grade. Will typically include heavier scuffs around the perimeter of the housing. Possible light scratches on the screen, not noticeable when in use. Usually a case will cover most of the damage.


Will exhibit heavier signs of use, usually some noticeable dents around the
perimeter of the housing and perhaps more noticeable scratches on the screen,
though no cracks.